I have been a commercial illustrator since 1981 and my illustrations can be seen on many well-known food labels. For thirty years, I focused on my art career and family. I gave up songwriting and playing guitar, which was something I had loved as a young girl.

In 1992, my five-year-old son Jason died from a severe congenital heart defect. I wanted to be buried with him and grief swallowed up my life for almost two decades.

In 2010, at age fifty, I was caring for my parents and coping with the challenges I faced with my three surviving children. During that time I became exhausted, uninspired and sad. It truly was a miracle that at the age of 50, I was able to experience a creative and emotional renaissance. 

I opened my heart to write the deeply painful experience of losing Jason and my journey toward healing began. Sharing the story of his brief life transformed me, and the grief I carried was lifted.

Finding joy after 18 years of sorrow was a gift I never imagined. Music was a magic carpet that lifted me over all of my stress. I was very close to both my parents and it was hard to watch them suffer. My songs eased my pain. I am especially grateful that both my parents witnessed my joy before they died.

I am a passionate songwriter; my songs comprise a musical of my life. Many of my songs are dedicated to Jason. I rediscovered the songs I composed in my youth and wrote new songs that helped me cope with current challenges. 

My blogs myjourneysinsight.comand Illustrating My Lifehave reached people all over the world. I perform regularly where I live in Southern California.

I want to convey my optimism and belief that if I could heal, perhaps others could find hope with my story. If my words and music can bring any level of comfort to another person, then I have achieved more in my lifetime than I ever dreamed of.