My passion is to offer comfort though my stories and songs. My Insight Timer Course "Healing Grief Though Music" is a wonderful opportunity for me to share my experiences and offer hope of healing.

I now have two YouTube channels. My newest one is: Meditationmusic4you

My other channel is this one: Judy's YouTube performances.

My blogs are listed below:

My Journey's Insight

On this blog, I share my journey that began in 2010, where writing and music changed the course of my life. By rediscovering music and joy, I healed from grief after losing my young son in 1992. My challenges of dealing with my elderly parents and raising my children consumed me for many years - but music helped me through the most difficult moments.

Illustrating My Life

On this blog, I share about my illustration career that began in 1981. My clients include: Arbor Mist, Del Monte, Beech Nut, Betty Crocker, Frito-Lay, Kraft, General Foods, Nabisco, Dole, Oscar Mayer, General Foods, Crystal Geyser, Best Foods, Heinz and Tillamook Dairy Company.

My book, “Beside Me Always” is  available!

"Beside Me Always” is a book about grief and healing. The ten stories in this book share my experiences of grief and how I embraced music once again.

My book begins with the story of Jason, my first-born child who died due to a severe congenital heart defect. I wanted to be buried with him and grief swallowed up my life for almost two decades.

When I opened my heart to write the deeply painful experience of losing Jason that my journey toward healing began. Sharing the story of his brief life transformed me, and the grief I carried was lifted.

I am a passionate songwriter; my songs comprise a musical of my life. Many of my songs are dedicated to Jason. I rediscovered the songs I composed in my youth and wrote new songs that helped me cope with current challenges.

I want to convey my optimism and belief that if I could heal, perhaps others could find hope with my story. If my words and music can bring any level of comfort to another person, then I have achieved more in my lifetime than I ever dreamed of.

Beside Me Always, my personal journey of healing, from tragic loss to finding joy through my love of music.

The experience of having my love song Crystal Oceans filmed as a music video was amazing. I wrote my song as a young girl and now I am living my dream!


My story was featured on Remedy Health Media’s website.  Although it was related to my coping with dry eye syndrome, I share my passion for the music that healed me.

Audio out-takes from the video can be listened to HERE. I created this channel to share all of the audio that was recorded for that 3 1/2 minute video.

My music is available at Bandcamp and iTunes.

My meditation music is availabe on Insight Timer, a popular free meditation app. I have a page on my blog dedicated to my Insight Timer tracks: Welcome Insight Timer.